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Streaming is life!

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

...But sometimes life is hard. We're here to help.

Streamers and content creators who succeed have at some point realized that there's as much value to what happens before and after the streaming, as there is during it. They stay in contact with their audience 24/7 to create a sense of community and belonging which leads to better retention (keeping the gained audience coming back). Retention is so important that an engaged audience is absolutely pivotal to continued growth.

This is why the world's leading businesses advertise their products and services, in different ways and during different times of the day, not just when on the web or in the stores. A customer or consumer who is reminded of their great experience will be happy to come back for more!

Most of you are more or less artists. The process of creation and joy of reception when publishing is the that magic that can motivate during the longer run towards financial freedom. We know what kind of passion it takes to keep streaming for your viewers, the grit to push on during slower times and how administration can take up all that creative space. Your energy isn't endless.

This is why we're developing Wasder Pro.

Wasder Pro - More than a tool, it's a community builder Wasder Pro is the advanced version of Wasder. It's the world's first business toolset for streamers and content creators, which features some really cool functions to help you with these main areas; growth (inc retention), communication and monetization. Some practical examples includes being able to post to all your social medias with one tap, create groups, manage a calendar for all your events and keep your audience up to date when you change your weekly streaming slots. Wasder Pro makes networking with other streamers and connecting with new followers super-simple. And much more. We can't wait to tell you more about our most powerful features!

We're soon here.

Our goal is to free you from the daily chores of administration so you can focus on what you love the most; your streaming and content creation.

Best of all, we're giving it to you for free. Every Wasder account will come pre-loaded with Pro ready to be enabled :)

Looking forward to seeing you in Wasder Pro in 2018! /Lion - Product Manager, Wasder

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