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FAQ - How does it work? is a multi-social platform for gamers which is free to use, now and forever. We're currently in open beta. is for you who loves playing, talking about, watching or streaming games. 
Let's take a look at what you can do with and what over 75 000 gamers are doing right now!


First ever global gaming chat


In the Community you can share your thoughts and discuss gaming topics, through our global chat feed. There's of course also a feed for your chosen following, where you only get the most specific posts made by your friends and people you are interested in hearing from. also features social sharing across your networks, including Discord and Twitter!


Groups, LFG and more


In you have the option to build your gaming clan a new home, rich with intuitive tools and nifty features. Of course there's private chat, member roles, event calendars and everything you would expect to run both a casual squad or professional team.

Promoting your clan is easy with our LFG, allowing access to every user looking for friends or team mates for upcoming events and matches, or just people who's cool to hang out with when gaming.


Twitch extension, Discovery etc


We have developed a Twitch extension called Stream Scheduler that shows your upcoming streams in a calendar format for the coming week and also automates your Go Live-messaging! The extension will auto post across your networks, performing all that tedious work for you so you can focus on entertaining your fans.

We also promote your stream via our Recent Livestreams on our front Hub and Livestream discovery page, as well as on our chat feed under Community. 



Share everything, everywhere.

And much more coming.


Join now to secure your name and start the journey!

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