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Wasder is a social platform for gamers, but also so much more.

Developing is an extension of our passion for gaming. It's part of who we are and being a gamer should be something to be proud of. Gaming itself is an extension of our imagination and a sense of escaping to other worlds and settings.

We founded Wasder according to our vision; to make your gaming life easier so you can be a gamer. Always. 

We would love for you to join us during our beta development, because we want to build Wasder together with you. Let's create the most epic thing ever!

/Wasder Team


Wasder Logotype Full - White_2x.png

About Wasder the company.

Wasder AB is a registered company since 2018, located in Stockholm, Sweden. For any queries, please contact us on Discord or send us an email to wasder @


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